CRESTRIDGE INC Certified Nursing Assistant in MAQUOKETA, Iowa

Works under the supervision of the nurse on duty performing required duties of Activities of Daily Living, follow dare plan posted in each resident's room, assist with mobility/ambulation as indicated. Assist with lifting, turning, moving, positioning and transporting residents into and out of beds, chairs, wheelchairs, and/or lifts. Assist with the feeding program, record resident's food intake. Provide after meal care (offer wet cloths to wash hands and face, remove food particles from clothing/wheelchair, take to bathroom, brush teeth and/or dentures). Keep resident's water pitchers clean and filled with fresh water (on each shift) and within easy reach of resident. Serve between mean and bedtime snacks. Keep call light within reach of resident and answer call light promptly. Follow woerk assignments and/or work schedules in completing and performing your assigned tasks. Record all tasks performed to reflect cares given. Cooperate with inter-departmental personnel to ensure services can be adequately maintained to meet the needs of the residents, assist in maintenance of an environment that is physically, socially and psychologically conducive nd in the best interes and welfare of all residents.